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Model FP 60 Card Drill

Craftsmen Machinery Card Drill

Casinos say goodbye to scammers trying to slip retired playing cards back into circulation. Stop cheating quick and easy with our Model FP 60 Card Drill, which drills up to 2 inches at once - or 3 decks of cards right in the boxes.

New “Chuckless” system with the hollow drill bit connected directly to motor shaft, eliminates vibration of drill bits for smoother operation. The Model FP 60 Card Drill is shipped with one 14"  drill bit. Optional drill bits may be used in sizes ranging from 18"  to 38". As an added safety feature, the motor is only in operation when drill handle is lowered. The Model FP 60 Card Drill is equipped with an adjustable stop-gauge to allow drilling for customized or standard hole patterns.

For printers, the FP 60 is an ideal paper drill. It can also be equipped with an optional pre-programmed bar so that drill stops are already set for standard drilling patterns. These include single hole, two hole and three hole patterns. Operation is simple, fast, and accurate. Just press the table release to move the paper to the next stop.

Right and left side guides slide on the ruler plate so it's easy to position the cards or paper.

Specifications: Power - 115 V Table; Size - 18.4" W x 12/8" D, Weight - 90lbs

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