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Craftsmen Corner Cutter Instructions

CAUTION OPENING:  Knives are adjusted before shipment. Check before using to make sure adjustment has not been changed.  If knives are not properly mated, readjust in accordance with instructions below.  Adjust guides to get the corner you want.  Oil machine as needed. 

Clamp Assembly Installation

To attach red clamp assembly piece to main corner cutter frame, insert two enclosed screws into left and right holes of red clamp assembly and tighten into left and right screw holes in main frame.  Remove tape from upper blade and check to make certain the upper and lower knives are aligned correctly.  Upper and lower knives must not hit each other – this will damage the blades.  If knives need adjusting, see instructions below for setting knives.

Instructions for Adjusting CMC Corner Cutters

Each time knife sets are changed, they must be adjusted as follows:

  1. Remove paper hold-down (red clamp assembly).

  2. Insert upper and lower knives in places provided.

  3. Retract lower knife so that when foot pedal, or handle, is depressed upper knife will pass lower knife without touching it.

  4. Adjust upper knife (using screw at top of ram) so that, with foot pedal, or handle, depressed cutting edge passes top surface of bottom knife by about 116".

  5. Loosen both lower knife retaining screws, one vertical & one horizontal (found in work plate) so that nose of bottom knife fits perfectly into groove of top knife, with foot pedal depressed. Tighten retaining screws.

  6. Keeping pedal depressed, loosen and back off bottom knife slightly. Tighten. Now force bottom knife forward very slowly while pumping foot pedal and feeding scrap paper until perfect cut is obtained. Bottom knife should now be projecting about 12" from front edge of work plate. Using perfectly square cornered paper, adjust paper guide until perfect register is obtained.

  7. Reinstall paper hold-down assembly (Carefully making sure top knife will still pass bottom knife. If not, repeat step #6.) Corner cutter is now ready to use.

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